Do you take requests?

Definitely! We're game for anything and will try out any songs people want to hear as long as we know we can do it justice.

What time will you play from and till?

As a starting point, we use 8 - 12 as a rough guide but can happily play from when a client wants the party to start until when they want it to end! If someone wants us to play for longer, simply contact our managers at hireaband and speak to either Gaye or Lisa and we'll get it looked out.

How long do you take to set up?

Although we ask for an hour to allow us to get everything in, set up and line checked, we're often ready to go sooner than this and will let the client or Master of Ceremonies know as soon as we're ready to go.

How much space do you need?

Surprisingly little considering we're a five piece. All our gear is both modern and top spec so take up little floor space and we all use in ear monitor mixes so there are no chunky speakers on the floor to trip over.

Will you learn a 1st dance?

Always. All we ask is for a note of it eight weeks before so that we can include it in a rehearsal schedule

Can we choose the songs?

Of course you're the client! We'll happily play anything you want from our song list. One really interesting thing to note is that we don't ever run to a setlist as every night is unique. If people are enjoying a particular genre/speed, we'll keep that up and if people are needing a rest, we adjust things accordingly. We also deliberately play a huge mix of styles and eras to cater for everyone (young and old) in the room.

How will I know if you are available on my date?

Hopefully we will be! Contact us either direct from our site or from our Circus Wedding Band on our managers page to check. Both enquiries will go through to hireaband who will be in touch to confirm.

If you're not available are there any other wedding bands in Scotland that you would suggest?

Hireaband have so many great wedding bands for hire, one of our particular favourites is Sound Cradle as they are really superb, down to earth guys to work with who know how to keep the party going!

What will you wear?

I know we're biased but we do scrub up pretty well in suits and white shirts. Have a look at our video to see what we'd be wearing on the night.

Can we book you directly?

You're lucky because we only work through Hireaband. That way, you're totally covered if anything happens. It will cost you the same booking through our agents as it would if you could book us direct. We pay them to do all our marketing and administration so we can concentrate on making music for you!

Do you perform at showcases?

All the time! The events will be listed on our site and also on the wedding band showcases page on Hireaband's site.

If things run behind schedule will the band play later?

We're booked for a set time (normally 8-12) and can't be held responsible for things running late. That said, we're definitely not clock watchers and will keep a party going for a wee bit longer (within reason!) if it's in full swing.

Can you guarantee that you will create a great atmosphere?

Put it this way, we'd book us :D We genuinely love what we do and are there to have a good time.

I would love my dance floor to be packed all night what's the chances?

Once the party's going, we're not going to stop it! Back to back non-stop songs and a braw song list ensure it.

Can you play our first dance song live?

Always. All we ask is for a note of it eight weeks before so that we can include it in a rehearsal schedule.

At the end of the night what are the chances of you playing one more song?

Hey, if people ask...! We keep a certain song up our sleeves for this occasion (and we're not going to share it!)

Can we get up and sing with you?

For sure as long as the bride or groom are happy with this. Ohh, and we know the song too!

Will you require refreshments?

Not at all - we'll take care of all of that. Remember we're there working for you and you should be looking after yourselves and your friends and simply enjoying yourselves.

Do you charge travel fees if the venue is out with your location?

Our travel circle is pretty big and Gaye and Lisa at Hireaband can quickly confirm if there would be any extra fuel charges if you think your venue is further away from the extended central belt.

What happens if a band member is sick?

Touch wood this will never happen of course .... However, as a backup, we all have a few chosen "deps" (or people who can stand in) if there is any issue who are all as professional and organised as we are. All our charts (the music written down) is on iPads for players to follower so the night would still go with a bang!